First time Home buyer

Planning to purchase a house for yourself and your family can be a daunting undertaking: how do you choose your Real Estate Agent? How do you secure a Home Loan? What loan program is best: FHA, Conventional? No Income? No Down Payment? How do you know a house worth as much as it is worth?

We understand how you feel. At Virchu Financial & Investment, we break it down to a 5-steps process.

5-Steps Home Guarantee Program.

1) Loan Qualification & Approval: When you come to Virchu Financial & Investment, we consult and advise you on your financial standings: how much can you afford? What is your maximum loan limit you can borrow? What monthly payment fit best for you?

Loan Qualification is the most important first step: it trims all unnecessary chit chat and cut to the heart of what you need to know: your finance. We show you the numbers, consult your affordability: you decide.

2) Choosing a Home: Location? Amenities? Over Price? Good buy? Looking for a home to purchase is the most obvious step, but leaving it unchecked can be most agonizing: This is because—contrary to Buyer’s remorse, Buyers in the Real Estate Market very often regret not buying only after home prices go up.

Let our expertise and experience work for you.

3) Market Navigation: Once we have found a home you’d love to buy, price, terms and condition of the purchase negotiation begin. How much does the house worth? Does the current listed price match the value? What is the market price and value of the house?

These are obvious price and value propositions that need to be inquired and measured against current neighborhood market conditions. At Virchu Financial & Investment, we as a Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage know what it takes to get you the best deal possible.

4) Negotiation Price & Terms: With Virchu Financial & Investment, we make sure your home purchase offer will stand out and be accepted. It’s not just Price, Terms, and Condition of the purchase offer in order to consummate a transaction: A $10,000 above or below asking price means little if escrow doesn’t close, and 95% of escrow doesn’t close because of loan issues.

What we are bringing to the table to make your home purchase offer stands out and be accepted is the unique position Virchu Financial & Investment situate in the Real Estate Industry: We are your Lender; we are your Real Estate Professional; we know how to get your Home Purchase offer accepted.

5) Purchase Offer: A complete Home Purchase Package from Virchu Financial & Investment consist: Purchase Contract, Loan Pre-Approval letter from us, Proof of your Down Payment, and your Credit Report from us.

If you were Sellers looking for a guarantee escrow closing—a purchase offer from Virchu Financial & Investment will be considered.

Virchu Financial & Investment is here for you. We are a dedicated team with unburnished reputation in the industry; we’ll lead you to the house you love.

VIRCHU Financial & Investment is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and make your homeownership dream a reality!

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