Home Buying Process

Virchu Financial & Investment — being both as a Real Estate and Loan Broker, we will be able to completely determine where you stand, structure your Real Estate transaction perfectly, and reassured that you’ll receive the best service and advice possible.

The Real Estate Purchasing Transaction begins from Buyers’ financial standpoint. Buyers dictate the directions of their own transactions: Whether buying with cash, buying with 3.5%, 5%, or 20% down payment, or buying Real Estate for Investment.

Loan Qualification/Mortgage Approvals

Step 1

The first step any potential home buyer must do: We will do your qualification, measure your affordability, and gauge your payment confortability.

Loan Qualification is one of the most important steps in the home purchase process because the Real Estate market in Southern California moves relatively fast. By the time you’re looking to put in an offer to purchase, it might already be quite late as loan qualification can be long drawn if your financial situation isn’t straightforward.


Step 2

The Home Sellers very often interview more than one Real Estate Agent before deciding which one they work with. Home buyers should also do the same. This is because aside from pricing and negotiating home prices, Buyer’s agent must also work with Buyer’s Escrow, Insurance, and Lenders in order to close an Escrow.

It is fine if your Realtor is a family member, a neighbor, or your best friend because it’s your first point of contact to the Real Estate Market. But it shouldn’t be exclusive because it is your down payment, your transaction, and eventually your ‘skin in the game.’

Select & View Properties

Step 3

Selecting and viewing a home to purchase is fairly straightforward: Zillow, Trulia, Open House, Phone Apps, or from your Realtor’s Multiple Listing Service. Real Estate Market information is all shared and interconnected.

Every house is unique; every home purchase transaction is different. The intricate nature of the transaction creates a wide range of pitfalls and issues….But, why look yourself when you can have a team with over 10 years’ experience that can do the searching for you?

Offer Accepted & Escrow Open

Step 4

Once your Real Estate purchase offer is accepted, your escrow opens. Once escrow opens, there is a binding contract: both Buyer and Seller will have to perform the terms and conditions of the Real Estate purchasing contract.

A fully executed Real Estate purchase contract is full of conditional contingencies built into it: Physical Inspections, Hazard Disclosures, Appraisal Contingency, Loan Contingency, Move in Conditions, Repairs, and Seller Credit among other negotiating factors.

When to remove all the Real Estate contractual conditions and under what conditions, determines your escrow transaction.

Loan Funding, Record & Closing

Step 5

Funding, Recording, and Escrow closing are completed within 24-36 hrs. If your loan is funded today, recording and escrow closes tomorrow.

A Real Estate Purchase Transaction runs deeper than what’s mentioned: Negotiating Counter Offers, Contingencies Removal, Appraisal negotiation, and various pitfalls that can make or break a transaction. With Virchu Financial & Investment, we are here for you. We get the job done for you and your family.

Knowing which houses, which locations, and which neighborhoods to build a family is wonderful. Knowing how to make it a reality is imperative: Schedule a Buying Consultation with us. Together, we will get you to your dream house.