Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment is about Equity and Liquidity. Long term Real Estate Investment is Equity Investment. Liquidity Real Estate Investment is for the short term, usually a year or less. In some cases, you are both depending on how your Investment is drawn out.

Regardless of where and how Investors come into the Real Estate Market–with Virchu Financial & Investment, our insight and expertise will ensure that your Investment is rock solid.

Equity Investor: Equity Real Estate Investors are long term Investors. Equity Investors are looking to buy single family houses, duplex, triplex, or fourplex for rental income. When rental income is more than what you have to pay (Principal, Interest, Tax, Insurance, and operating expense combine) that’s a positive Cash Flow.

Positive Cash flow or Break-Even is a must for Real Estate Equity Investors: Nobody wants to pay into a negative investment, unless Investors know exactly what they are doing.

Virchu Financial & Investment knows what your expectations are as a Long Term Equity Real Estate Investor. Our deep Real Estate and Mortgage Analysis of your purchase investment will always give you a piece of mind: Is your Game Plan a good idea? Is your Investment Sound? Retirement?

Liquidity Investor: Liquidity Real Estate Investors buy houses, fix them up, and sell them. The houses they bought, built, and put back on the market are called “Fixer-Uppers.” Liquidity Real Estate Investors are short term investors: 3-6 months span to make a profit and redo the process, which commonly called “flipping houses.”

Short term Real Estate Investors always looks for a margin: The return of their investment. There are many factors that goes into making a profit margin on a flipped house: Financial Leverage, Construction Cost of everything, Types of Property determines level of risk, and most important of all—Marketability of the invested home.

Virchu Financial & Investment—as both a Mortgage and Real Estate Broker, you tell us your market section, time, profit margin, and we will show you the road map. You want to invest in Real Estate? Orchestrate and we will accommodate: Virchu Financial & Investment.

VIRCHU Financial & Investment is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and make your homeownership dream a reality!

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