Jadidiah Ladores

Real Estate Professional

Born and raised in Echo Park, California, Jadidiah Ladores has witnessed the tremendous change and growth that have transformed the Echo Park/Silver Lake area into one of Los Angeles’s most sought-after real estate hot spots in Southern California.

After attending the University of California – Riverside, Jadidiah returned to Echo Park and has since built multiple businesses in the area, including Subpoena Solutions, a litigation support company. His exceptional knowledge of the market–coupled with his business savvy, makes Jadidiah the unequivocal go-to resource for all your real estate needs.

Whether you want a vacation home in Malibu or an exceptional luxury residence in the Hollywood Hills, Jadidiah is well-versed in locations, property types, and values–not to mention every possible attraction to entertain you and your family.

He thoroughly loves his work and enjoys the fantastic people he meets every day, many of whom become his friends and neighbor. When not assisting clients, Jadidiah enjoys hiking the amazing trails of Los Angeles with his puppies, cycling up the hilly terrain of Griffith Park, and speeding through the Los Angeles River Bike Path.